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An introduction to the team behind 40K Director’s Cut


Nurgleque DP

BobK has been plaguing the 40K world for well over a decade now. A fierce, canny competitor, many an opponent has fallen victim to the various (though mostly Nurglesque) minions at his command.

These days, BobK looks after the chief minion, but is still tirelessly contributing to the hobby by compiling the accumulated mental notes of his prolific playing and creative career in 40K for the wider community’s benefit through 40K Directors Cut. 

5 Questions With BobK

What armies do you currently play?

Nurglesque Guard, Mercenaries (which were originally kroot mercs) and 40K Lizardmen. The chief minion has just started a Storm Warriors army so all of my marines have been set aside for him.

What is your next/current project?

Well I suppose the next step is to finish off the reinforcements for Nurglesque Guard in light of the new Imperial Guard codex (though I’ll have to limit myself on what I get given the enormity of the model range) and to paint more mercs since we got the Black Reach boxed set. After that I suppose I’d best be upgrading and updating my other armies since I have a terrible habit of not finishing them due to being distracted by the next shiny thing, which is especially hard seeing as how I keep making the next shiny thing here on 40kdx! I’ve decided that I’m going to limit myself to 3 armies, so perhaps I’ll dabble with allies once my main armies are complete.

What is your standout memory of 40K?

One standout memory? That’s impossible. If I only had one after playing for over a decade I’d have stopped by now. Here are the fave moments that come to mind though:

Repeatedly flicking big tyranids off a cliff with the Assail power.
My bloodthirster stomping all over a termie squad despite the beardy tactic of the opponent stalling so much that we only had time for 1 turn before packing up.
My abominations wiping themselves out before the game even started.
Pouncing on White Scars in a pincer attack-style ambush with my kroot mercs.
My genestealer army being pretty much butchered at the hands of a single well-positioned daemon prince.
Chasing through tunnels with my newly-emerged great unclean one watching both other opponents scurry away in panic only to soon be caught and squished.
A pair of assassins fending off a small warband all by themselves.
An ogryn with the assault 12″ veteran skill stomping all over my arbites by himself (never thought the same smeg would happen twice).
Being the guy at Games Day who finally managed to activate the warlord titan in a multi-titan battle.
Watching a terminator captain triumphantly take out a dreadnought by destroying its legs, only for it to fall over on top of him.

But probably the moment that stands out the most is actually a battle that I wasn’t playing in, but was using the rules that I helped design, where a necromunda-style skirmish was being fought between 2 imperial guard armies, and there was a storm trooper sergeant at the top of a tower on a loot counter who just would not die. Every time he was wounded he would get up the next turn with another flesh wound, and still managed to beat up everyone who assaulted him.

Your favourite comedy quote?

Very difficult to just choose the one, but I suppose since I can’t show David Cross’ ‘virgin mary sighting’ joke here it would probably be Frankie Boyle when talking about what a rugby commentator would never say, since techno is played regularly enough in my area to be reminded of this joke, but not so often that I get tired of it:

“All pretense has been abandoned, as both teams take to the field naked, covered in lubricant to the sound of pounding techno!”

One random piece of trivia or random thought?

Nobody expects the Spa-oh b****r!



A decade of domination and destruction (and not necessarily by him…!) hasn’t deterred Keats from his continued contribution to the wider 40K community through forums and 40K Directors Cut.

Bringing a flair for the imaginative and an eye for detail, Keats can often be found working on several projects at once. 40K Directors Cut is the direct result of this tireless work in conjunction with BobK over many years. 

5 Questions With Keats

What armies do you currently play?

I have been playing White Scars since 2nd edition, and I also currently have a 2000pt Tzeentchian Mutated Guard army for our Taint Of Chaos project.

What is your next/current project?

Continuing my love of all things Imperial, I have just started a small Imperial Navy Landing Party, and have begun the early stages of the Codex

What is your standout memory of 40K?

I have quite a few, but I suppose one of my favourites had to be my single Redemptionist follower stabbing a fully-tooled Inquisitor to death in combat. I subsequently elevated that mini to Deacon status for the next game, alas he could not live up to such high standards!

Your favourite comedy quote?

Again, so many to choose from but this banter about James Bond between Alan Partridge and Michael the hotel attendant stands out

Michael: “Eh, I love the gadgets…”

Alan: “Yeah”

Michael: “Like pay attention, Bond. Simply remove the top of this pen and jab it in somebody’s eye and smash it in with ya hand like that!”

Alan: “Yeah, yeah, that’s not a gadget, Michael! That’s just monstrous use of a biro!”

One random piece of trivia or random thought?

The meek may inherit the earth, but how the hell will they ever manage to keep it?!?!?


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