Codex Soul Drinkers

By BobK

This codex is based on the Soul Drinkers series by Ben Counter, to represent their army style at the end of the 1st book in order to avoid tweaking it with each book being released. They don’t have terminators or even dreadnoughts according to Ben Counter himself when asked in the Soul Drinkers Facebook group, so it is assumed that the niche that terminators fill and the weapons that they use are in the hands of the veterans. They don’t have access to special issue ammunition and have only limited access to vehicles which is why some have been moved to heavy support. Also, since they have access to many assault boats from the Brokenback and have been described as having few heavy weapons since they are ship-boarding specialists their units have been modified to allow them access to more special weapons. Overall they are slightly toned down compared to other marine chapters since they do not have access to terminators or dreadnoughts but they are very fluffy, put up just as much of a fight and lend themselves well to drop pod assaults. There is a great deal more to them of course, and in time more special characters shall be added to the codex, but there is only so much I can say here without spoiling the plot for you. If you want to know more about them their stories are available from the Black Library, who provide free downloads of chapters from each of the books in the series.


Allies: Treat as Imperial Guard when determining which allies may be taken, except that they may not ally with Chaos Space Marines or Chaos Daemons.

Special Rules: Ship-Boarding Specialists: Due to their heavy use of assault torpedoes and the similarity of drop pods to these boarding vessels, all drop pods only scatter D6″ when they deploy.


HQ: Lord Commander Sarpedon 135 Points

Same as Space Marine Librarian from codex space marines (p133) except that:

His profile is WS 5 BS 4 S 5 T 4 W 4 I 6 A 2 Ld 10 Sv 3+.

Is armed with a boltgun and force weapon.

Has only one psychic power: The Hell.

The Hell: After passing a psychic test all enemy models within 12″ not in close combat must take a morale check at -2 Ld. In addition Sarpedon and any squad that he is attached to counts as obscured as if another unit was in the way when being shot at by the enemy, though this penalty does not apply to friendly units.

Half-Arachnid: Has the Move Through Cover rule, can treat impassable terrain (including sheer walls) as difficult terrain, and can assault 12″.

Cold And Fast!: All units replace the combat tactics special rule for the Fleet rule.

Has the Chapter Master’s Orbital Bombardment ability.


HQ: Space Marine Chapter Master

HQ: Honour Guard Squad

HQ: Space Marine Captain

HQ: Command Squad

HQ: Space Marine Librarian

HQ: Space Marine Chaplain

HQ: Master of the Forge 

Same as codex space marines (p133) except that:

Does not have the Lord of the Armoury rule.



Elites: Spearhead Veteran Squad 150 Points

Same as Sternguard Veteran Squad from codex space marines (p136) except that:

Additional Veterans cost +30 Points/Model.

They do not have special issue ammunition.

The boltgun is replaced by a storm bolter and power weapon.

Any model may replace his storm bolter and/or power weapon with a thunder hammer, storm shield or lightning claw for free.

For every 5 models in the squad, one model may replace his storm bolter with a heavy flamer for +5pts.

Elites: Techmarine



Troops: Tactical Squad

Same as codex space marines (p134) except that:

May exchange the heavy bolter for a flamer.

May exchange the plasma cannon for a meltagun.

May exchange the lascannon for a plasma gun.

May not select a Razorback as a dedicated transport vehicle.

Troops: Scout Squad

Same as codex space marines (p134) except that:

May exchange the heavy bolter for a flamer, meltagun or plasma gun.



Fast Attack: Assault Squad

Fast Attack: Vanguard Veteran Squad

Fast Attack: Space Marine Bike Squad 

Fast Attack: Scout Bike Squad



Heavy Support: Devastator Squad

Same as codex space marines (p142) except that:

Instead of taking a heavy weapon a model may take a flamer for +5 Points, meltagun for +10 Points or a plasma gun for +15 Points.

Heavy Support: Land Speeder Squadron

Heavy Support: Attack Bike Squad

Heavy Support: Land Speeder Storm

Heavy Support: Thunderfire Cannon

Heavy Support: Land Raider

Heavy Support: Land Raider Crusader

Heavy Support: Land Raider Redeemer

Heavy Support: Predator

Heavy Support: Whirlwind

Heavy Support: Vindicator



Dedicated Transport Vehicle: Rhino

Dedicated Transport Vehicle: Razorback

Dedicated Transport Vehicle: Drop Pod


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